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Solo Project • UX/ UI •  Brand Identity
12 weeks


Noticing the problem  

During the pandemic, a lot of clothes were thrown out, scattered on the streets in New York City.  Whether people bought too many or didn’t have time to donate, it was evident that there needs to be a better solution for these unwanted clothes

The Problem Space 

What do you do with your unwanted clothes?

Sustainability in fashion has been a fast growing movement. More people are participating in sustainability by renting clothes or turning unwanted clothes into cash.

Yet, some clothes still end up in trash. Consumers’ experience with donating and selling clothes are still inconvenient. Are there any opportunities on a digital platform to improve the experience?

Uncovering the Issues

Identifying the problem space & users

Conducted general research to find the extent of environmental impact of textile waste, how the industry (brands) is trying solve this problem and the trends of consumer behavior over the last few years 

  • Donated clothes shipped out to overseas destroyed textile industry in the 3rd world countries.
  • Clothing production has approximately doubled, while clothing use has declined by almost 40%.
  • Gen-Zers are making more sustainable choices, but at the same time they are consuming more clothes due to social media.
  • Brands are participating in ‘sustainability’ but often green-washing.
  • Retail brands are participating in recycling and donation, but the information is hard to find.

Validating the Problem 

User Research & Interviews

Based on the research, I interviewed 8 Gen-Zers and Millenials who loves to shop for clothes. To gain insight on their behaviors, the questions focused on their experience when purchasing their clothes, and what they do when they no longer want the clothes.  

Many brands participate in sustainability, yet the details and processes are not easy to find for consumers. To understand how sustainability is practiced, limitations and demands that the manufacturers face, I interviewed 4 Industry experts


Gathering the interviews I did post-it affinity mapping to discover patterns and reoccurring themes.

Key Insights & Ideation

With findings from desk research and interviews, I narrowed down to two key insights and ideate concepts. 

Refining Scope

Based on the feedback from Concept User Testing on Concept #1 & #2, I refined the scope of the product.

  •  4/5 users prefer Concept #2  
  •  3/5 users like the idea of getting points out of unwanted clothing 
  •  5/5 users were pleasantly surprised by the options available for unwanted clothes
  •  5/5 users didn’t know clothing recycling

︎︎︎ Focus on providing solutions and incentives for
      post-consumer clothing. 

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