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Photos Feature 

iPhone Photos App Feature Proposal 

Solo Project • UX Research  •  UX Design 
6 weeks


Find your photos easily, sort them based on your needs

With the camera and album function easily accessible on smartphones,  people are snapping away pictures more than ever.  As a result, people find it hard to organize and look for specific photos in Photos app. This case study examines ways to improve photo searching experience and to declutter users’ photo album.

Generative Interviews — Main Use cases 

When do people use Photos app?

Conducted generative interviews with eight users to find when people use the Photos app.  


Messaging apps
Social Media


Look back through memories when they have time 
Look for specific photos to remind themselves of that time

Note to self

For work
Screenshots to remember things to do

Uncovering the Problem  

What do users like/dislike? 

Asking which existing features are working and why users like them, features that they like and what the paint points were



  • Makes sharing easier
  • Select photos in the Photos app, and send right away without limits.

Media Types & Favorites Button 

  • Organizing work is already done for users (Separated into Videos, Screenshots, Selfies)
  • Easy for users to re-access the specific photo 

Memories Notification 

  • Function of personal Photo Album 
  • Emotional value 



Hard to organize pictures by Album
  • Takes too long
  • Not intuitive 
  • Ends up just using Favorite button


Hard to look for specific photos 
  • Takes multiple of the same image, but don’t go back in to delete unnecessary pictures. 
  • Always end up in “All Photos”, but All Photos has everything (e.g. memories, work related photos, notes, etc) so it’s hard to search for pictures

The Goal 

How can I help users to minimize time scrolling through pictures when looking for a specific photo? 

The Goal will be achieved by considering following:
  • Users like passive organizing interaction with Photos 
  • Users are having difficulty moving photos to albums
  • Users take multiple of similar pictures

Solution 1

Suggested Albums  

By analyzing users’ photos and finding trends by subject, image composition by pixel to suggest albums — to differentiate personal memories, note to self, work photos, etc — suggests Albums to users.


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