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On Time

Solo Project • UX/ UI •  Brand Identity
3 weeks

The Problem 

You know that person who is always late? 

Habitual tardiness or habitual lateness is actually a thing. Whether it’s for work or just simple meet up with friends, people who have this tendency are often late.  “habitual tardiness” results in problems at work, and in relationships.

The Problem Space 

What do you do with your unwanted clothes?

Sustainability in fashion have been a fast growing movement. More people are participating in the sustainability by renting clothes or turning unwanted clothes into cash.

Yet, some clothes still end up in trash. But what about donations? brick and mortar thrift stores? People still donate or go to thrift stores to rid of unwanted clothes, but people find it inconvenient. Are there any opportunities on a digital platform to improve the experience?

Currently, information on nonsalable clothes is disjointed and scattered.